Saturday, April 25, 2009

1:39 PM: So I've been a bad blogger.

And I'm sorry. I've been busy, but I know that's no excuse. If I have time to get online, surf, and check my Facebook, I've got time to blog, right? Well, yeah. I suppose it's because I've not been in the mood to write, which is strange, but still. For the blog to be anywhere worth reading, I've got to be in the mood. Otherwise, things just come out boring and mundane.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you some reason why I haven't blogged lately, and probably won't blog for another few days. Next week is, unbelievably, finals week. Every time I say that it hits me afresh that this is my last week in London, and that breaks my heart. I'm not in love with London or anything: there's no way I could ever live here. I need trees. And space. And quiet... oh, for some quiet. I suppose if I could live in a tree at Regent's Park, I'd be okay, but even that gets crowded, and I'm sure the police wouldn't like it very much. And I'd probably look like a creeper. So living in London is out of the question for me.

Still, it's what's happened in London that makes me sad to leave it. I cannot tell you what wonderful friends I've made here. They are so incredibly precious to me, and leaving them, more than anything, makes my heart hurt. What's even more terribly ironic is that all of them go to Webster University in Missouri, and I'm the only one down in Georgia--they'll be able to see each other all the time, but I'd have to drive 10 hours or more to see them. We've all joked that I should transfer to Webster, but I could never do that. I love Shorter, my kindred spirits there, my family, and everyone else in Georgia too much. Besides, Missouri people are weird. And I mean that in the very best sense. :)

So this last week will be difficult, not only with exams, final projects, and portfolios being due, but also because I'm constantly reminded that I only have a few days left with all of them, as a group. I wish I could just make them doll size and pack them in my luggage when I leave next Saturday. If only I were a magician. I love my friends. Julia, Caris, Kristen, Emily, Kaytee, Lilly, Jessie--I love you all.

And now I'm getting emotional. Calm down, dear.

I say all of this to say, again, I apologize for not blogging recently and for not being able to blog until a few days more. Once I have all my finals and projects behind me on Wednesday afternoon, I'll blog for a bit. So you can look forward to that. :)

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