Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2:02 PM: No, I'm NOT ignoring my blog.

I have been pretty busy lately, or perhaps it just seems that way. I wanted to write a wonderful long blog about Paris, but I ended up telling individual people about my trip so many times that I got terribly sick of my own story and didn't want to hear it anymore. That's probably why I've been putting off writing it. I will get around to it soon, hopefully, but in light of homework and travel and other such things, it might be a bit before I can do it justice. I'll start a draft and work on it when I can.

So, no. I'm not ignoring my blog and my readers. Homework rudely cut in front of blogging and hasn't really budged for a while. I just found out that I have a fairly significant paper due next Thursday, which I didn't think was due for another month. Turns out I got my dates mixed up. Thus, the paper will take priority this week, as I am traveling to Brighton this weekend and won't have any time to work on it.

I promise, as soon as I have a bit of free time, I will blog about my trip to Paris, to my day trip to Kent to see Caris' grandparents, my day trip to Hampton Court Palace, and other smallish, random things. I will do my best to keep you up to date.

Thanks for being patient...

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