Friday, January 16, 2009

3:16 PM in Britain: I have friends!

Today has been so much better than yesterday. I think I was so overwhelmed, tired, hungry, and thirsty yesterday that I couldn't think straight. I laid in bed last night, roommate-less, very much homesick (wow, I sound so pitiful), and prayed out loud. I asked God to help me keep my head on, to give me a good roommate (I don't like being without one), to help me reach out and make friends (I have to overcome shyness), and to trust that He has His hands on my shoulders, guiding me every step of the way. That way, I don't have to fear.

I could tell a difference when I woke up. I was being a nana and went to bed around 9 PM, which turned out to be beneficial. My room faces the "back" of the school, and all the workmen started up with their trucks and trashcans and shouts and atom bombs and whatever else they were using to bang around... at 6:30 AM. I know eventually I'll get used to it. I hope.

Bonnie would have laughed at this: I was so thirsty this morning that I got two drinks, apple juice and a water bottle. I downed the apple juice in about five minutes and took the water to the big orientation meeting in Tuke Hall (Yes, I did laugh at the name). As the head of the school was talking, I opened up the water and took a swig... and nearly spit it all out, but I didn't. My face must have been hilarious, though. I read the label: "Sparkling" water. Blech. Not even flavored. Anyway, I thought it was funny.

On to more interesting things: I have friends! (God answered my prayer!) As I was leaving my room to wash my face in the (awkward) community bathroom, the two girls who live across the hall asked to borrow my hairdryer. And that was it. We were friends. I've hung out with them since, and we've found that we have TONS in common: we all are interested in journalism/design/marketing, and we're all serious students (for the most part!). They've invited me to travel with them! Yes! They've got this long, long list of all these places they want to see, including ones that I hadn't really considered, like Prague and Greece. I'm psyched.

I got an Oyster card today, which acts as a universal ticket of sorts for the tube, buses, and trains. You can add, or "top up" (British-ism), as much as you like, and the money you put on never expires... ever. It's fantastic.

I'm missing everyone back home, but today has been considerably better, and the future looks promising in God's hands. Next up: finding a church. :)


  1. Hi Amber -
    I seem to have stumbled upon your blog during my daily routine of being a Facebook stalker. :)
    Anyway, we have a church in London and this weekend they are doing this massive young adults conference called Awakening that will be similar to a Hillsong style with some amazing worship and great speakers. So, I know you've just moved and probably feeling a bit all over the place, so if you wanted to just have some great worship time or whatever, maybe you could pop over and check it out! They are doing the same conf next weekend in NYC and I'm flying up for it - can't wait!!
    Here's the website -
    No pressure at all, just thought I'd pass it along!
    Hope you have the time of your life!!!
    Sarah Spell

  2. Glad to see that you now have Internet access! Great stories all! I sent the URL for your blog to Grandma Wilson, so maybe she can stay up with your travels as well.

    Even happier that you have found new friends there. Please promise me that you WILL go to all those crazy places they told you about, because you will have the time of your life! I'm so excited for your prospects there.

    Curiosity - did the school have a hair dryer, or did you buy one? Our plans that all your devices would work correctly - were we right?

    Looking forward to getting some photos! Now I can't WAIT to come to visit you!


    (Since this is a public forum, I won't say some of the fatherly things I would normally say. We will do that with e mails. I do love you, Sweet!)