Tuesday, January 20, 2009

9:21 AM: Colin Firth was at breakfast today.

No, not really. Well, he sounded just like Colin Firth. I was passing him on my way out of the refectory (that's the cafeteria), and my ears prickled when I heard his voice. I know that voice! It's Colin Firth! But then I looked, and it wasn't. Sad day.

I wanted to say a quick "Thank you!" to all those back home who have been praying for this trip and sending me supportive and encouraging notes along the way. These thoughts and prayers have meant so much to me; I feel that I'm closer to home knowing that so many are thinking of me. Thank you!

Classes went well yesterday--I had three, the first of which I have described. The second was Intro to Media Writing, and I love the professor (granted, she could be reading this, as she was interested in the fact that I had a blog, but I'm not just saying that I like her because she might be reading this, which she may; I'm actually being sincere!). She's very interesting and likes to keep all her students engaged (and awake). She won't be an "easy" professor, in that she's not likely to give throw-away assignments or simple-minded tests, but I think I'll enjoy the challenge. My last class yesterday was Scriptwriting, which should be renamed Screenwriting, as that's truly what it is: writing scripts for the screen (TV, movies, etc). The professor who teaches the class (of which I really do hope he is aware, because he showed up more than 20 minutes late without basic information or a syllabus) has much experience, and he claims to have worked with Larry David (of Seinfeld). We had a good discussion about what film truly is, which he defined as an emotional experience/adventure/journey/etc that we pay to see because we don't have enough courage to do or create ourselves. He compared movie-watching to a roller-coaster ride--we ride the coaster because it gives us a thrill, lets us have a near-death experience. Films, professor David Hansen says, do the same thing. Interesting, huh?

Travel plans: five of us ladies (Caris, Kristen, Julia, Emily, and me) booked our coach (bus) tickets to Bath yesterday. On Friday, we're leaving around 8 AM and returning around 9:30 PM. I can't wait to see Bath again! We're still working on our trip to France... we may be able to stay with Caris' friend, so we won't have to worry about a hotel bill. We're all about saving money!

It looks like it's going to be Greece/maybe Italy for spring break! We've been trying to sort out all of our travel plans enough in advance that we can go ahead and book things and, thus, get cheaper tickets. At first, I thought 4 months was a really, really long time, and that I'd have plenty of time to see everything I wanted, but, after looking over how many weeks we have in one semester, time is going to be an issue. How can you possibly see all that London and England alone have to offer, as well as all of the amazing countries beyond? I'm going to do my best.


  1. Oh, my beautiful Amber Lauren, I'm SO GLAD to hear that everything is going well! I promise you, you are never far from my thoughts, and I've prayed for you often! I absolutely love reading about your adventures-- I feel like I'm there!

    I love you so much, sweetie! I'm SO excited for you!

    All my love, Amy

  2. Well, at least YOU won't have to pay to "live large" and have a thrilling life! YOU are living the dream. Way to go, Amber! The courage to take opportunities and run with them is a rare and wonderful thing..... Carpe Diem, baby!