Friday, January 16, 2009

6:08 PM in Britain: Still no Internet.

It’s been a rough day. After I wrote the previous post, I collapsed on the bed, shivering, but the room wasn’t cold. I was scared I had a fever or something. I slept for about an hour and woke up nauseous and dizzy. I guessed my stomach didn’t agree with something I ate on the plane. I was in and out of sleep, feeling gross the whole time, when I finally relaxed and slept for a good bit. I woke up feeling much better.

The student staff members gave us a campus tour around 2 pm. One thing I learned: I am going to get lost. The buildings are all interconnected with random levels and floors and stairs and passageways and signs that don’t really point in the right direction. I’ve figured out the main part I’ll be walking everyday—where the dorm is, where the “refectory” (British word for cafeteria) is, where the main entrance is, where the library is, where IT is, etc. I also noticed how quickly people walk around here. They’re practically running everywhere they go. Oh, and the chivalric code of holding doors open for women doesn’t seem to apply here. I’ve had at least three men jump right in front of me and walk right through without holding it open. Yes, this is definitely not the Deep South. The British accents are cool, though.

I met some girls who go to Chestnut Something University (sorry, can’t remember), and two of them are studying English. One of them is from New York, and the other is from “Philly,” as she put it. Philly Girl (sorry, can’t remember her name) is tall and looks very much like Elizabeth Booman at Shorter. New Yorker Tammy is shorter than me and very, very tan. They’re both nice. Maybe I’ll have some classes with them.

I haven’t done much exploring because I was so wiped and felt so strangely today. I want to find some travel buddies soon. Oh yeah, I don’t have a roommate…yet. She didn’t show up today, but she might be coming in tomorrow, if I actually have one. We will see…

I’m already homesick. I’m really going to need that Internet to work… soon.

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